Production of essential and bespoke steel-built mining equipment forms one of the major aspects of our operations, as we continue to deliver turn key remote solutions. Our expertise, efficiency and professionalism have earned us a loyal client base as we continue to manufacture and supply top quality remote and mining equipment across Perth and afield.

Our design methodology plays a significant role in streamlining and increasing the efficiency of mining processes. Coupled with our Telecommunications experience we are able to bridge the gap between growing industry demands and modern solutions.

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communication trailers

Our steel-built communications and satellite trailers ensure consistent and uninterrupted communication leading to higher efficiency and accelerated progress of mining projects. Built to withstand high pressure and intensive workload situations combined with modern technology our trailers are a perfect solution for fulfilling the ever-increasing communication needs in the mining sector.



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communication towers

We acknowledge the significance of remote and radio communication for maintaining consistent progress on a project. Our steel-built communications trailers and communications towers are created in line with latest industry standards and requirements so as to adequately cater to the present and future mining sector needs. We have expertise in the production of mining and remote equipment which further adds credibility to our objective of producing and delivering high-performing, durable and sophisticated communications towers which can contribute towards accelerating a project’s progress.


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bespoke solutions

Utilising 3D computer-aided designs and our highly skilled team, we are able to design and fabricate bespoke solutions to fit your communication needs. Additional projects that we have delivered on include;

  • Lighting towers
  • Remote controlled boom gates
  • Skid plates